Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tea Production in 2009: Shortage Due to drought

Sri Lanka, India and Kenya are among the top major tea producing countries. They make sure that people in the world can have good and refreshing cups of tea every day. Unfortunately, in 2009, these 3 countries suffered from drought. So, it is perhaps natural that tea production will suffer a lot this year. There is fear that even 10% shortage of production can happen.

Bloomberg reported:

India, Kenya and Sri Lanka together account for more than 50 percent of global tea exports. India’s tea output this year may drop 20 million kilograms from last year’s 980.8 million kilograms, Khaitan said.

India’s tea production in the seven months to July dropped 3.3 percent to 461 million kilograms after the weakest monsoon in at least seven years caused a drought in 278 of India’s 626 districts this year. That may create a deficit of 50 million kilograms next year, Khaitan said.

“Drought is only one reason for prices to take off,” he said. “Years of neglect because of stagnant prices took a toll on production over the years.”

Against natural disasters like drought, human beings are helpless. So, the governments of these 3 countries should help the tea producers and workers.

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