Sunday, October 11, 2009

Argentina: Another Night in Paradise for Diego Maradona

I was awake until 7 AM my local time here in Bangladesh to watch the Argetina vs Peru match and give live updates. The TV camera was all the time showing the face of Diego Maradona. He looked pale and depressed. In the first half, his team played very well but could not score any goal. He looked very frustrated when the players missed one after another opportunity. In fact, in the first half, Argentina should have scored at least 3 goals but they missed a lot.
In the second half, two bad things happened. Peru players looked more fresh and very bad rain and wind came. Maradona got the goal in the 47th minute and it looked that they would win the match by 1-0. However, the home fans suffered a huge shock when in the 90th minutes, Peru got the equalizer. So, it looked that everything finished for Argentina. It seemed to me that God was with Maradona and in the 3rd minute of injury time, Palermo scored the goal and we saw the celebration of the coach. In fact, after the match, it was Maradona who celebrated more than the players.
God was really with him earlier today. Brazil, Paraguay, and Chile have already ensured their place for South Africa 2010. Ecuador lost to Uruguay by 1-2 and it helped Argentina to go to the fourth position. The last match will take place on 14 October 2009 and Messi and his teammates will face Uruguay. If they defeat Uruguay then they will go to South Africa without any problem. Even if they draw, they have good chance but if they lose then it will be a very difficult thing for them.
So, it was just another night for Diego Maradona as national football coach of Argentine team. He is the national hero of his country men. He can be expelled from this status on 14th October 2009. 

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  1. Good news for Argentina. I do want to see them in the World Cup.