Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arsenal vs Liverpool league Cup Live In Ten Sports TV Channel: 28 October 2009

If you want to get live score of Arsenal vs Liverpool League Cup match then visit the link- Arsenal and Liverpool Match Live Updates: 28 October 2009

Only few hours left before the start of Arsenal vs Liverpool League Cup 2009-10 fourth round match. It is a big fixture for the fans and I know that in South Asia, there are many fans of both the teams. If you go to any big in South Asia, then you can find many young boys wearing the jerseys of their favorite clubs in EPL. I think in the last 2 years, we saw the matches of league Cup or Carling Cup in Zee Sports TV channel. Well, Zee Sports is not a popular TV channel. Fortunately, they are in partnership with Ten Sports which has much wider reach among South Asian population. The kickoff time for the match is 1945 GMT and in the website of Ten Sports TV channel, I could find Indian Time this way: 1:08 Carling Cup 09/10: Arsenal v Liverpool 28/10/09
The match will take place very late in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. However, that is not a problem for football fans like me. I have already written a very detailed entry about the match: Arsenal vs Liverpool Carling Cup 2010
Please, read it because I have spent a lot of time for writing it. Just kidding!!! Anyway, it will be a fun to watch at a October night.

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