Thursday, October 1, 2009

ICC Champions Trophy 2009: First Semifinal Tomorrow

It is semifinal time for Champions Trophy. The first semifinal will take place tomorrow 2 October 2009. It is an Australia vs England match and that means plenty of excitement in both the countries. It is the oldest rivalry in any sports. It is popularly called Ashes series but tomorrow’s match is even bigger than any Ashes match. The winner will go in the final of ICC Champions Trophy 2009. So, losing is not an option for any of them.
Judging by the current form, I have to say that it is Australia who is the strong favorite. Recently, they demolished England in England in the ODI series. In fact, this ODI series finished just 2 days before the start of Champions Trophy 2009. So, Australian players should be in a very confident mood tonight. They should have good sleep. On the other hand, English players are not in good mood after they lost very bad way to New Zealand just the other day.
Well, whoever wins tomorrow, surely the biggest loser will be Star Cricket because there is no India in the semifinals. So, most viewers in India will not bother about tomorrow’s match. It is bad news for the companies that have given ads to the channel. Star Cricket is suffering for the second time in four months. The same problem happened when India had an early exit from T20 World Cup 2009.

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