Thursday, October 29, 2009

India and Australia Fighting for Supremacy on 31 October 2009

If you want to get live score of India vs Australia 3rd ODI match then visit the link- India vs Australia 3rd ODI 2009 Live Online Action Updates.

Indian fans are on a happy mood as they saw that in the second ODI match their team demolished and humbled World Champion Australia. Australia is World Cup Champion and Champions Trophy 2009 Winner. So, the Indian supporters want some demolition of Australian team in the current series. Well, I think that India has some advantage at this moment because their opponent is suffering from numerous injuries. I cannot remember of any time in the recent past when so many leading players of a cricket team were injured at the same time. Specially, Australian players are always good when it comes to the matter of physical fitness.
If you want to know more about the match then you can read these two entries:

Who will win in the match? India or Australia?

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