Monday, October 26, 2009

Now waiting for any Google PageRank in November 2009

Well, the expected did not happen in October 2009 and there was no update in Google PageRank. Now, hopefully, something will happen in November 2009. Well, the problem is that Google never talks about it officially. May be the company is afraid that then the spammers may try to take advantage if they have advance knowledge. It is perhaps almost sure that nothing will happen this month. Something may happen in November 2009. Many webmasters and bloggers like me are waiting and counting each and every day. To be honest with you, sometimes it is nerve wrecking because when you earn your living through your blog or website then PageRank update or back link updates are literally similar to life and death. I have to admit that I am obsessed to some extent about both PR and Back Links but I am not crazy about SERP. The only reason I am now very impatient is that one of my blog has PR 0 and it should get something like 3 or 4 and another blog is now PR 3 and I am expecting it be better in the next update. May be, it will happen or not but anyway, PR updates are always nice.
In our country, when there is no rain and there is drought then many people pray for rain. I guess that now we have to pray for Google PageRank to take place in November 2009. 


  1. Yep! Me too, I am waiting for the update. Everyone thought it was coming in October... it seems the waiting continues...

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    Focus on quality and relevant content.
    Visits to your blog, be it from search engines or users (including word of mouth) will follow.
    Good luck.

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