Friday, October 9, 2009

Seven bad Habits in Blogging: I wish I could Leave Them

In Blogging37, I just uploaded an entry: One entry at a Time: How to Overcome Stress in Blogging?
Needless to say that as a professional blogger, I suffer from mental stress every day. Anyway, I have given some thought and I have realized that the sources of my stress come from my daily activities. So, I am writing about some of the bad habits that I have related to blogging and this career.
1. Sitemeter: I am a Sitemeter addict and perhaps obsessed with it. I check stats almost every hour. It is not bad at first of a blog because the stats can be very helpful in guiding you. They help you to get a good idea about your blog’s condition. However, excess of anything is bad. I waste a lot of time after Sitemeter stats of my blogs. This reduces my time for more important works.
2. Adsense: I have perhaps the same problem about Adsense. I check the stats every hour and sometimes several times in an hour. It also takes away a lot of time and my main activity of writing blog entries suffer as a result.
3. Competitors: I also check a lot about the blogs of my competitors in my niches. I check their keyword condition in SERP, back links, Sitemeters (if possible), Alexa ranking, Google PR etc.
4. Digression: When I am writing an entry for a blog, I think about many other things. I also browse Internet and read other news, other things. This way, my main focus gets lost and productivity suffers both in terms of quality and quantity.
5. Google: I love Google and it is the best thing in Internet. However, what I do is to search a lot about my entries. One of my favorites hobbies is to check how fast an entry gets indexed in this search engine. Another favorite thing is to check SERP on the entries of my blogs.
6. Forums: I spend a huge amount of time on two forums every day. This is good because I learn new things but again, it curtails my time of actual blogging or creating content.
7. Sleeping: Thanks to blogging, I have developed a very odd habit of sleeping. I enjoy covering live events and since I live in Asia, major sporting events in Europe or America take place at or after midnight of my local time. This way, I have lost my normal habit of sleeping. For example, it is now 6:40 AM local time here. Unfortunately, I could not sleep and sat on laptop to browse and write.
Perhaps, none of my habits (except sleeping at day time and waking up whole night), is bad and they are helpful for professional bloggers. However, excess of anything is really bad and even dangerous. I need to focus first on writing content for my blogs and then any other thing.  

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