Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Uruguay vs Argentina WC 2010 Qualifier: Who will Win?

If you want to get the live score and updates of the match between Argentina and Uruguay, the visit the following link:

Argentina vs Uruguay Live Updates: 14 October 2009

This is a must win situation for both of the teams. Uruguay vs Argentina match of 14 October 2009 has perhaps more attraction to the fans than most of World Cup matches that would take place next year in South Africa. The stakes are too high- winner takes all. Yes, it is literally winner takes all game. There are too many permutations and combinations involving the match. In mathematical calculation, Venezuela has still some kind of chance to qualify but I don’t think it will happen. It is upto Uruguay, Argentina and Ecuador to become 4th and fifth.
About the possibilities, Wikipedia wrote:
Argentina will qualify for the World Cup if:
they defeat Uruguay, OR
they draw with Uruguay AND:
Ecuador do not defeat Chile by more than four goals, OR
Ecuador defeat Chile by exactly five goals AND Argentina score more goals than Ecuador.
Argentina will qualify for the CONCACAF-CONMEBOL play-off if:
they draw with Uruguay AND:
Ecuador defeat Chile by six or more goals, OR
Ecuador defeat Chile by exactly five goals AND score at least as many goals as Argentina; OR
they lose to Uruguay AND Ecuador do not defeat Chile.

So, too many possibilities and let us see what happens. If you want to know about time and venue of the match then visit this entry:

One thing is in favor of Uruguay. They are playing at home and this is a big advantage for them. In fact, in the stadium they are playing tonight, it is a mighty venue for them. They have defeated most of the big names in World football in the past here. So, this should give them a lot of confidence.
Visit this link for TV channels of the match :
Argentina football team is perhaps at its worst condition today. Well, the main reason for it is perhaps that most of the players play outside of the country and thus, they do no have any kind of good understanding. In Messi, they have perhaps the best player in the world today but behind Messi, the midfield looks shaky. So, I am not that much hopeful today. I think that Uruguay will win or it will be a draw. Well, things can go otherwise if Messi can show his magic. I hope that Messi can really do something extra ordinary tonight. Then anything can happen. Many people think that Messi is the next Maradona.
Many websites will give live score of the match. So, if you are a football fan then you can enjoy the match either in TV or in Internet.

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