Friday, November 6, 2009

2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi: A Prestige Concern for Indian Government

Yes, it is indeed becoming a prestige concern for Indian government right now. It is clear that the organizers have done a bad job until now and nobody is happy with progress made so far. The good thing is that now, Indian government has come forward to salvage the event and has allocated more funds to speed up things.
BBC reported:
The information minister said the extra money would provide for "the inclusion of new items that are essential for the successful delivery of the games".
Repeated concerns have been voiced over whether India will be ready in time for the event.
The Commonwealth Games open on 3 October next year and run until 14 October.

This is a sad story and I hope that it gets a happy ending in the end. Many Indians want to feel satisfied to think that India is now a rival of China. However, everyone knows that China successfully hosted Olympics 2008. Commonwealth Games is a much smaller event compared to the Olympics.

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