Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aamir Khan Appears as Ventriloquist in Tata Sky TV Commercial

In the recent past, Vodafone has created a buzz in Indian media thanks to its eye-catching TV commercials. The success of television commercial is always very important in the promotion of the products. Now, it seems that Tata Sky is going to create another buzz with its latest television commercial starring Aamir Khan.

In the new commercial of Tata Sky, you will see Aamir Khan as a ventriloquist. No doubt, Aamir Khan fans will be pretty much delighted to see him in this new role. The commercial has not been shown in TV yet, but a sneak peak of the ad shows that Aamir Khan appears in front came with a puppet called TV.

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  1. This is the most innovative ad as I have never seen Aaamir play a ventriloquist. The TV puppet is also a good humorous character. This concept of TV puppet has stood out of the box and has been a good idea as it enlightens the usage of TV as your puppet.. There are interesting reviews on

  2. The new TATA Sky ad on Television Screen is featuring Aamir Khan as Ventriloquist (based on India's ace ventriloquist, Ramdas Padhye) and TV animated as his puppet.

    But the design of this puppet is straight lift from the Sesame Street Elmo's World character watching his own face in the mirror.

    Hey you top guys from the Indian Advertising, is this the way you win the Cannes Lions?


    -Prasad Satkalmi