Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carlos Ghosn: Ultra-Low Cost Car in India not in 2011

Tata Nano rocked the Indian market as it became the cheapest car in the world. Nissan and Renault were also eager to introduce a $2500 car in India by 2011. It was announced earlier but now, it is certain that this wont happen and the ultra-low cost car may hit the Indian road in 2012. The problem is with their Indian partner.

Bloomberg reported:
Renault, Nissan and Bajaj announced in May last year they formed a joint venture to build a car that will be priced about $2,500 and go on sale in 2011. The Indian motorcycle maker would own 50 percent of the venture with the rest equally split between the two carmakers, the companies said at the time.
“You have to try and learn from your trials and then correct your course and make sure you have the right product and the right approach.” Ghosn said.

It seems that no news is good news for Carlos Ghosn and his company in India right now. He understands this matter and he is determined to try harder in this market. It is a very rapidly growing market and most large auto makers are giving a lot of efforts to get some market share. 

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