Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Idea Cellular Walk n Talk and suffer and accident

By this time, all of you have seen this ad and many of you liked this idea. In this age of electronics, machines do a lot of work for people and office workers spend a large amount of time sitting on their chairs and eat lot of junk foods. So they are gaining weight and it is bad for health. Exercising keeps you fit and healthy and one should exercise regularly but I did not like the way this whole concept is treated in this idea cellular commercial. “Walk when you talk” is not a good thing. Why?

First, imagine you are crossing a busy road and talking with someone over the phone and there is a banana peel in front of you. Since you are busy talking over the phone, you do not notice it and step on it and tragedy occurs. This is a small accident but it can happen to anyone or even worse. People should never talk over the phone while walking on the streets.

Second, though I have never been to India but whatever I have seen on TV and read on news, it is not very good. In many places conditions of roads is bad and traffic system is not so developed. In such a chaotic condition, if one is not careful enough he/she would get hurt. Mobile is a big distraction.

Third, can you paint and sing at the same time? No, it is not possible. No one in the world can do it. Even if you can do it, neither the painting nor the song would be so good.

Walking is definitely a good exercise but talking on your cell phone and walking at the same time is not a good idea.

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