Wednesday, November 11, 2009

India: 34% More Cars Sold in October 2009

This is good news for everyone related to the car business in India. Because of economic recession, 2009 had not been a great year for them. However, now, it seems that things are going to become better and brighter as the worst of the recession is over. Well, October was the month of festival in the country but we have to remember that this 34% increase happened compared to October 2008.
Economic Times reported:
Car sales clocked a 34% jump on-year to sell 132,615 units while 42,562 light and heavy trucks rolled out of showrooms, according to data released by industry body the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).
Truck sales, which had been in the red for most part of the year, had started showing signs of growth in July, but the October performance has brought fresh cheer to policy makers who count it as a key indicator for improved industrial activity.

Hopefully, the market will grow more as there is huge potential for growth for at least for the next one decade. However, I am just concerned about the environmental impact because the large cities are already polluted. More cars will only worsen the situation.
In another note, I wrote about Free Car media in USA in which car owners can get some extra cash by painting their cars with advertisements of companies. I wonder if the same concept can be introduced in India

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