Sunday, November 15, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test 2009: Live Score Websites

India and Sri Lanka are going to face each other in the first of 3 tests from tomorrow. You can find the schedule of the series here. The first test will take place in Sardar Patel Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad and we know that Ahmedabad is in Gujarat state. The match will start at 4 AM GMT (9:30 AM Indian time) each day. We also know that a tst runs for five days and sometimes, there is no result after five days.

If you want to get live score of India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test match then visit the link- India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test 2009: Live Action Updates.

Anyway, this series is important for a particular reason. If India can win the test series by at least 2-0 then in ICC test ranking, Dhoni’s team will overtake Sri Lanka and South Africa and become the number one team. On the other hand, if Sri Lanka just wins the series then they themselves will emerge as the leader in test ranking.

Now a days, watching a test match for 5 days in TV is not possible for many people because life is more tough and busy. Tomorrow is Monday, the first working day in India and most parts of the world. So, it will be impossible to follow the match in TV. However, if you have Internet connection then you can enjoy live score ball by ball. I am giving names of some live score websites here: It is perhaps the most popular website about cricket. It covers almost all the cricket matches that take place at least in International level. The website has impressive Alexa ranking is one of the most visited websties on earth. They provide ball by ball live score and updates and you can find regular bulletins about the match. It is also a popular website about cricket. They will be providing all the live score of India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test 2009.

Cricket Updates: This is a popular blog about Cricket and it is maintained by Kamrul Hasan. He informed me that he will provide live updates in every hour so that those who are very busy and do not that have that much time will be able to get the summary in real time.
So, now you know from where to get live score of India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test 2009. Enjoy it.

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