Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Indian Students Going in Record Number in US Universities

USA is still considered to be the best place for education in the world and every year, many foreign students come to study here. As a result, the revenue from foreign students in university level has reached to $17.8 billion. In 2008-09 school year, 103,260 students from India took admission in different college and universities of America. In the second position was China. Then is South Korea. In fact, in the top five list, 4 are Asian countries. It shows that people in Asian countries are giving importance to higher education.
There is another reason for Asian countries to send significant amount of students. In Europe, all the rich and developed countries have world class universities. If we look at Germany, France and Britain then we will notice that they have some great universities than can compete with the best American universities. Asian countries seriously lack in this regard. That is perhaps why, Indian students go to America in such high number. It shows that there is a market for quality education in India. I think that the big companies should come forward and set up some world class universities in private sector. Then, the country would be able to save a lot of foreign currency and students from neighboring countries would come in larger number.  
On a different note, BTC Uttarakhand Result 2009 has been announced. If you sat for this exam then you should check your result. 

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