Friday, November 27, 2009

Manmohan Singh Calls upon Indian Community to be Part of the Country’s Development in Education and Business

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked the global Indian community to invest in education and business sectors of the country. He was addressing a local Indian community in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Toboga, while talking about the development of India. He asked the global Indian community to invest in Indian business and education sector. Mr. Singh also said that Indian education sector lost ground over the last few decades and the current government was trying to bring back the past glory of Indian education system.

Hindustantimes reported:

Reaching out to the People of Indian Origin, he said, "You are, for millions of Indians, the most visible symbol of our own globalisation process... For us, globalisation is a natural means of linking up with the international community of Indians."

Education and business are the "two major areas through which we are reconnecting with the people of Indian origin worldwide," he said in the capital of Trinidad and Toboga, whose almost half of 1.3 billion population is of Indian origin.

Ministers and Mps of Indian origin were present at the reception arranged for Manmohan Singh. Indian prime minister also said that Indian government was working on making a bond between Indian and Indian-origin people. He asked the global Indian community to come to India and make the best use of investment and business facilities available in the country.

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