Friday, November 6, 2009

Manmohan Singh is Reluctant to Commit for Carbon Emission Targets

One of the best things that has happened since President Obama got elected in USA is the matter that environment is getting a lot of importance in global politics again. Now, there is a lot of pressure from EU and USA on China and India to commit for carbon emission targets. However, it is clear that both India and China are reluctant to do so because it would hurt their industrialization activities.

With just a month to go before the UN summit on climate change in Copenhagen, India on Friday made it clear to the EU that it was not ready to quantify its carbon emission targets, but would explore that possibility.
"We have not reached that stage. We will explore that possibility," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told reporters when asked whether India would quantify carbon emission targets.
"All of us have an obligation to work together," Manmohan Singh said at the end of the 10th India-EU summit in New Delhi. "We have a very ambitious national plan to combat climate change," he pointed out.

The main argument in India is that the rich and developed countries have for many years emitted a lot of carbon in the environment for their industries and cars. Now, India has to do it to develop itself.
This is surely a logical and compelling argument. However, Indian leaders should not think one matter that the large cities in the country are getting polluted. If the current trend of carbon emission continues in the large cities of India then soon it will become a major problem for the country. Yes, India will get some industries, production of electricity, more cars in the street. However, this will put the lives of many ordinary people in hazard due to air and water pollution. 

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