Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3 Idiots release date: When is it?

Do you know when is the release date of Aamir Khan’s latest movie Three Idiots. It is 25 December 2009. yes, you are right that it is on Christmas Day and that is why, I am opening a good income in the box office for the movie on the opening day. It is Friday but because of Christmas, it is a Holiday and there is no cricket match either on that day. So, Aamir Khan is really lucky. On the other hand, cinema fans are lucky too because 2009 has been full of bad movies. Aamir Khan is famous for the matter that he acts in very limited number of movies but he works very hard for each and everyone of them.
Three Idiots” has been able to generate a lot of buzz among all the people in India. If you look Google Trends then you will find that it is dominating the search queries. 

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