Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Alexis Glick: A Farewell to Fox Business

If you are interested about business news in USA then there is a strong possibility that you know who Alexis Glick. She is or was the anchor of anchor of Money for Breakfast and The Opening Bell. She is also the vice president of business news.  Alexis Glick also worked for NBC's Today Show in 2006 temporarily. So, she is a very familiar face in USA.
Earlier today, she herself broke the news that she was leaving Fox Network.
"I want you guys to know that today will be my last day here at the Fox Business Network. How many people can say that they've had the opportunity to help build a brand new network. Being the first new employee of FBN. Seeing it grow today to over 300 extraordinarily talented people. It's been an experience of a lifetime," she said.
However, it is not clear that why she is leaving Fox Network. Did she has any problem with the top management or has she got a better offer?
About her future plan she said, "I'm about to embark on a new venture that's going to allow me to utilize the skills I've learned at Fox Business, Morgan Stanley and the Today show."
She also said, "I can't give any details yet, but suffice it to say that I'm extremely excited about taking on another interesting and unique project."
So, she is going to do something else soon and we will know. She has both beauty and brain and she is very smart. So, naturally, whatever she does, there will be no shortage of viewers or listeners.
I guess that before starting any new project Alexis Glick should set up her own website or blog.

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