Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Australia vs Pakistan 2009-10 Series: Live TV Channels Information

Political tension between India and Pakistan means that the two countries ma not play against each other in a cricket series. So for the cricket fans of these two countries, the next best thing is becoming a cricket rivalry with Australia. Although Australia is not the top test ranking team at the moment, their impressive success in the last 15 years undoubtedly put them as the best team in the world. Who does not want to be the best or at least, defeat the best? So, the Australia vs Pakistan 2009-10 will have special significance for the both the teams.
Australia will want to carry out a white wash against Pakistan and get back their test ranking. I am not sure if Australia wins all the test matches then whether they can get their top spot ranking back or not. However, there is no doubt that a comprehensive victory will help them immensely with their ranking. On the other hand, Pakistan’s internal security conditions meant that for the last 10 months, they could not host any cricket match in their own home. So, for them, to improve ranking god performance in the series is a must. The supporters of the two countries have something to cheer about too.
This series will surely be watched by millions of cricket fans around the world. The good news is that in many parts of the world, this match will be broadcast live. I am now going to talk about the TV channels that would broadcast Australia vs Pakistan 2009-10 Series in different countries.
Pakistan: Geo Super and PTV Home
Geo Super is a popular sports channel in Pakistan. It broadcasts sports all the time and it is perhaps the first 24 hours sports channel in the country. So, Pakistani fans will be able to watch the matches live in this channel. Of course, if you don’t have Geo Super then PTV Home is there for you.
India: Star Cricket?
Star has tried a lot to promote this channel but I don’t think that a channel focused on solely just one sports will become very popular in India. For example right now, Indian cricket fans are excited with India and Sri Lanka series and after that their attention will be focused on India’s tour to Bangladesh. NEO has TV rights for both these two series involving India. Anyway, some cricket fans in India will surely watch the matches in Star Cricket between Australia and Pakistan.
Rest of South Asia: Cricket fans in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will be able to enjoy the matches live in Star Cricket TV channel.
Australia: Nine Network and Fox Sports (High Definition)
It is very interesting to me that in Australia two TV channels will show the matches. However, you can enjoy Fox Sports only in HD.
In England, many people of Pakistani origin live and they love Pakistan cricket team. Sky Sports (HD) will show the matches in UK an Ireland. However, I am not still sure whether you can watch the matches in Eurosport too.
USA: DirecTV
DirecTV has so many channels in USA and I do no know which will broadcast the Australia v Pakistan 2009-10 series matches. If you know then please let us know in the comment section so others get benefited with this information. Well, I found the url:
So, visit there and try to find more information.
Super Sport will broadcast the matches in South Africa while SKY Sport (HD) in New Zealand.
I guess that I have covered most of the countries and TV channels. If you have more information, please, leave a comment. 


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