Wednesday, December 16, 2009

David Goldman: Why Job Creation is not Coming Back?

I found a very interesting article of David Goldman in Inner Workings Blog: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Employment Recovery
It is perhaps clear that the US economy is gradually going out of the economic recession. At least the worst is over and in 2010, there will be a better condition for the US economy. In fact, one indication of the end of recession is the fact that big banks are paying back the money that the took from the government for bailout. The bad news is that US economy is still suffering from massive unemployment and jobs are not coming back easily.
David Goldman views that it is the small companies (with less than 50 workers) were the main job creators in 2007. These companies did not receive any substantial support from the government. Secondly, there are not many start up companies either. So, the scope of new jobs being created is very narrow at this moment.
I also agree with David Goldman. For the last one year, the US government was too occupied to save big companies and did not focus on the small companies.  

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