Saturday, December 12, 2009

Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino is Winner of Miss World 2009

It was perhaps very shocking result and I am sure that the betting industry will really suffer a shock. In the end, Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino became the winner of Miss World 2009 beauty pageant. I guess that hardly anyone could predict that she would become the winner. She answered a very easy question. In the fast track semi-final event she won the title of Beach Beauty. Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino is an almost unknown person even in her own country. I could not find any significant information about her.
Kaiane Aldorino is now a very happy girl and she is perhaps thinking how to enjoy her time in the next one year. This year’s competition, Miss India Pooja Chopra perhaps disappointed all the people in her home country. The fans in South Africa also perhaps became unhappy that their participant failed.
Coming back about Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino, you can visit the website of Miss Gibraltar to get some more information.
Kaiane Aldorino is 22 years old and STAR SIGN is Cancer. She can speak Spanish and English languages. She enjoys going out with her friends and family.
Kaiane Aldorino will be busy for the next one year traveling in different countries. Miss World 2010 is supposed to take place in Vietnam.



  2. "Unknown in her own country" ? Gibraltar has a population of around 30,000. Kaiane is known by virtually everyone in this small, close community. Really ugly though in person...

  3. Unknown in her country?? Gibraltar has a population of around 30,000 people, everyone knows her here but as we are such a small country we are not recognised to others. Perhaps that could answer to why you did not find much information about her.
    Kaiane is a beautiful women inside and out and deserves everything she has been given. For big countries winning Miss World may not be a 'big thing' but in Gibraltar she has made history, it has not only been the first time Gibraltar has made the finals but also the first time won. Everyone is so PROUD!!
    And maybe no one would expect that Gibraltar would take the crown but finally for once Miss World is not being based on polotics and how the world works but on how special that person really is.

  4. anonymous must be a very jealous, frustrated person if he/she can use word "ugly" alongside Kaiane - she's beautiful in and out.

  5. We are from Gibraltar and we are very proud that Kaiane has won.We have all been celebrating in Gibraltar. I concur with the person above that we all know Kaiane very well as Gibraltar is a very small penninsular with a big heart. Well done Kaiane. All Gibraltarians are very proud of you and we love you.

    Audrey and Iain.

  6. she entered and won. gibraltar might be a small country but she won. well done. if anyone thinks they can do better just enter. it is a contest

  7. Kiane is a natural beauty. No excessive makeup or touch up. She is a good dancer and model. She has taken the world by storm. She is much loved in her country and will make an excellent ambassador. It is about time that the smaller countries can also win the Miss World. Congratulations Miss World 2009 you are the best.

  8. She is beautiful and natural not gone under the knife like so many others. She is by far the most natural beauty in Miss World ever. Well done!

    She will make an excellent international model and is capable of a lot more. I would love to meet her.