Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nepal: Heading Towards Anarchy Again?

It gives me a lot of pain to see the present condition of Nepal. It was in 2006, that the country saw mass movement to force the King to restore Parliament and bring back democracy. General Election took place in 2008 and the country was changed into a Republic from monarchy.
Unfortunately, the election did not provide a decisive verdict and the country is now divided into two sides. There are the Maoists in one part while all the other parties are in the other group. A few months ago, the other parties joined hand to topple the Maoist government and a coalition government was formed that included more than 20 political parties. The Maoists leaders activities are now trying their best to put all kind of pressures on the current government. As a result, again, Nepal has come very near to anarchy.
The blame game is going. The Maoists are saying that this government is dependent on foreign powers for survival and this government must be removed from power. On the other hand, the ruling parities are saying that it is the Maoists who are the source of all problems. The Maoists these days are arranging protest movements on a daily basis and violent clash with the government supporters and police can happen any day.
If this trend continues then anarchy will come very soon. Unfortunately, the people are divided in the country and that is why, I see no hope of peace. 

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