Friday, December 18, 2009

Shane Sparks Arrested for Alleged Child Molestation

One of America’s famous choreographers, Shane Sparks has been arrested for alleged child molestation. He was arrested earlier in the day and he is most probably at Van Nuys, Calif., jail. Eight counts of child molestation is something not funny and Shane Sparks will have to face a tough time whether Shane Sparks is innocent or guilty.
Details are still sketchy but it is clear that the alleged incident took place more than a decade ago. It has also been reported that the birth year of Shane Sparks is 1969, not 1974.
In the next few days, more information is going to come out in the media. I just hope that the journalists give some privacy to the victim and his family. In this kind of case, often, the victim has to suffer because of too much eagerness of the reporters to get more media ratings.
You can see the video of Shane Sparks arrest here. 

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