Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tata Motors Planning for a Hybrid Version of Nano

Tata Motors created a buzz in the Indian auto market last year through its much-awaited Nano car which Tata claims to be world’s cheapest car. The India-based company has also seen huge interest for the 1-lakh car among the car enthusiasts. Having seen satisfactory response, Tata is now planning to roll out a hybrid version of Nano. Nothing has been finalized yet, but company chief Ratan Tata has recently revealed that his company wants to ensure that people can run their cars as cheap as possible, besides providing cars for surprising prices.

Well, I think, Tata will once again make a boom in the industry if they really can materialize their plans of bringing a hybrid version of Nano in future. Nothing regarding the dates, specifications and costs of the hybrid version has been revealed yet, but it is expected that the hybrid version will also be cheap likes its diesel counterparts. Last year there were reports in the media suggesting that Tata Motors would produce all electric version of Nano car in future.

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  1. Sounds Great!!! But I believe people are still struggling with Nano?