Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tigers Woods Dominating in Google Trends USA but not in India

Tiger Woods is in constant news since the day he suffered an accident. He became better but it was like the opening of the Pandora’s box. His condition is now like Bill Clinton. Now, there is a lot of rumors that he had relationships outside of his marriage and with more than one woman. Tiger Woods Affairs Text messages with Jaimee Grubbs are now hot in Google searches according to Google Trends USA. Well, the funny thing is that in India, it is not popular searched thing at all. One reason perhaps is that in India, gold is not a popular sports. So, Tiger may be a legend in USA and there are thousands of fans of this living legend in America but in India, hardly anyone cares about him.
Instead, Indian people are today interested about Virender Sehwag, a cricket player. No, he does not have scandal with any woman. He is on course for hitting one of the fastest triplpe century in cricket history and tomorrow is the big day for him. So, for most people in India, Tiger Woods does not mean anything but Virender Sehwag means a lot.
In the third test 2009, India is now in a commanding position after day 2 thanks to Sehwag. That matters a lot to Indian people.

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