Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two-wheelers shine at the 10th Indian Auto Expo

Two-wheeler is another thriving sector of the Indian auto industry. The best thing about the two-wheelers are- in a jam-packed road you can easily move with it, it is easy to park for its small size and comes in different price range meaning, there is something for everyone. Currently,700,000 bikes are sold per month in India. Honda, which started its joint venture with Hero group India in 1984, became the market leader in India and one of the top two-wheeler manufacturers of the world. Bajaj Auto, Hero Honda and TVS Motor are the top three two-wheeler producers of the country and they will also attend the 10th Indian Auto Expo.

Though Indian economy felt the tremors of the economic recession, it successfully came out of it. Thanks to government’s stimulus package, reduction in “excise duty on small cars,” the growing appetite for cars among people did not die out. Rural India also played a big role. Many people in villages bought cars and motorcycles and the Indian automakers took full advantage of this opportunity. However, there was a bump when drought hit Northern India. In 20009, passenger cars lead the sales with a staggering 1,33,687 units in November. This is a 61% increase compared to the 83,121 sales of 2008. In 2009, Maruti, the top passenger car maker of India produced 75,000 cars per month followed by Hyundai with more than 40,000 units.

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