Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Javed Miandad: ICC Should Take Charge of Twenty20 Leagues

It was a very sad day for Pakistani players. None of the 11 players were selected by any club at IPL 2010 auction. It is not that they are bad players. In fact, they are reigning champion of T20 Cricket World Cup. The Pakistani players could not play in IPL 2009 either because bad relationship between India and Pakistan. Perhaps the franchises were afraid that at the time of IPL matches, Indian government may not issue or allow them to come and play in India. This has made ex-captain of Pakistan national team Javed Miandad angry and he reacted very sharply and has called on International Cricket Council to take charge and run all the private Twenty20 leagues.
Javed Miandad said to AP, "It's nothing less than humiliation - not only of our cricketers but the whole nation.
When we call IPL an ICC approved tournament, it should mean that at least all the test playing countries will get a substantial representation in the event."

May be Miandad has some point but the reality is that international cricket is now hostage to BCCI simply because the main revenue for this sports come mainly from Indian market. So, there is hardly anything that ICC can do about it.
Here I like to remind Javed Miandad, PCB officials and the 11 players on auction today that 2 years ago when ICL was formed then PCB officials supported BCCI totally. Thus, PCB helped BCCI to get stronger in the first place. So, I find it funny that Miandad and Afridi are complaining today.

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