Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PCB Suffering from Financial Problems

Cricket is the most popular sports in Pakistan but Pakistan Cricket Board is now suffering from financial problems because of lack of cricket played in their home soil. In fact, after the terror attack on Sri Lanka cricket team on March 2009, no other cricket team has visited the country. There is little hope of any foreign team coming to play even this year. So, PCB has lost a lot of potential revenue in the last one year.
Another big problem for PCB is that because of bad political relationship there is no bilateral test or ODI series with Indian team for some time. Naturally, this has also deprived them from their largest income source of TV rights for Pakistan vs India series. If the current condition continues then very soon, PCB will be deep trouble.
International Cricket Council (ICC) President David Morgan has now spoken about the problem and he thinks that the problem between India and Pakistan can be solved within a short time.
I wish that I could share his optimism. Actually, the root of the problem is the lack of strength of ICC as a sports body. If you look at football then you will easily realize that FIFA is very strong and I can easily dictate member organizations and even governments. ICC is not in such a condition because the main revenue of cricket comes from Indian market and that is why ICC does not have the power to dictate BCCI.  
The best way to solve the problem between India and Pakistan is that ICC President visits these two countries and talk to the decision makers and try to convince them to arrange matches between India and Pakistan in neutral venues like Canada, UAE, Scotland or Ireland

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