Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BCCI vs Australian Players: Security Issue of IPL 2010

Right now Lalit Modi and some Australian players are perhaps engaged in war of words. Some of the Australian players are concerned about the security arrangements of Indian Premier League season 3 which is going to start from 12 March 2010. They are concerned that security will be a big problem and for this matter they are not sure whether they should take part in it or not.
There are concerns also among players from New Zealand, South Africa and England. However, the payers of Australia are more vocal because they come from a rich country and they earn decent amount of money from their board. England, South Africa and New Zealand players do not earn in the same level like Australian cricket players and that is perhaps why they are not that vocal until now.
On the other hand, IPL Chief Lalit Modi is adamant that security arrangements are good and there is no question of changing the venues from India. So, Lalit Modi has stated that whether foreign players come or not IPL 2010 will take place and if foreign players do not come then it is their lost. BCCI don’t mind and do not have any problem if foreign players do not come because basically it is an Indian cricketing event and the main money comes from the Indian market.

Here, the problem is that both sides know that than it each other. The foreign players from England, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are crazy for the money that IPL can offer in just five weeks. Secondly, if they boycott this time then Lalit Modi and BCCI can take revenge by banning them from future eventS. Then, it will be a huge loss for the players in terms of money. On the other hand, the players are worried for their safety and security.
Lalit Modi has the same kind of dilemma. On the one hand, he desperately wants the foreign players TO take part because if IPL third edition is played only with Indian players then the major attraction will be lost. As a result, revenue from TV rights and other kind of sponsorships may decrease quite a bit. At the same time, Lalit Modi and BCCI officials know that they can not afford to take out of IPL at this moment. All the arrangements have been made and there is just 15 or 16 days left. So, if they now try to shift IPL to a foreign venue like South Africa then it will be very expensive and BCCI will not be able to make good profit.
I think that in the end at least, some of the foreign players will give up their demand about security. It is true that Indian government will try its best to ensure that no problem happens in this sporting event. Secondly, the money is really too attractive to pass out.

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