Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Best Life Diet: Why should you not bother?

People are now searching madly about ‘Why should you not bother’ in Internet according to Google Trends. Overweight is a big problem in USA and sadly obesity is becoming a growing concern for most people. I do not live in USA but from my own personal experience of being a overweight man and hovering around Obesity for few months and finally coming out of obesity, I know that it is not a good feeling. Everyone wants to come out of it. However, what makes me feel bad is that there are many quick solutions. The Best Life Diet has helped Oprah and thus, it will be a naturally a best seller.
If you want to buy the book then with all my heart I would encourage you to do so. You can happily buy it and even read it and follow some of the tips given in the book. However, what I would not ask you to do is to get excited and think that if Oprah could do it with the help of this book then you must be able to do it too. I am not saying that you cannot do it. Of course, you can do it but for that you need change of your mindset and seriously take the matter of weight loss.
I do no live in USA but I am really concerned for the American people. On the one hand, there are all the time ads of junk foods and then on the other hand, there are ads of The Best Life Diet. This is very funny to me. If you want to avoid being fat or obese in the first place, then try to stay away from junk foods. Prevention is better than cure. If you are addicted to burgher, French fries and soda drinks (Coke or Pepsi) then reading 100 books like The Best Life Diet will not help you. This is plain and simple.
I wish that books like The Best Life Diet encourage people to change their eating habit and try to consume more organic food items. Frankly, you don’t if you have children then really encourage them to leave junk foods. I really feel sorry for the children of this generation. They are bombarded with the ads of unhealthy foods from a very early age.
Since Oprah actively endorsing this product, it is natural that it will sell thousands if not millions of copies. I wonder if Oprah will someday start telling people to consume less meat, soda drinks and fast foods. 

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