Friday, February 5, 2010

Discovery Middle School Shooting: What does it Tell Us?

Discovery Middle School in Madison, Alabama saw a shooting earlier today in which a student of ninth grade was shot. The person who shot him was also a student of the school and he also studies in 9th grade. The condition of the student is not good. Let us hope that he becomes ok.
Today, a ninth grade student at Discovery Middle School was shot by another ninth grade student. The shooting victim has been transported to the hospital. The alleged shooter is in police custody. No other students or faculty members at Discovery were harmed by the alleged shooter. Discovery Middle School students will be dismissed at regular time. Also, parents may pick up their students at the school, if they desire. Additional information will be released as it is available.  

This matter sparked a lot of interest in Internet and many people are searching about it in Google. In Huffington Post, many people are putting comment about this matter. Gun Control is a big issue in USA. There are many people who want almost no control is imposed on owning and buying guns. Then, there are many who want a ban on carrying guns. There is no middle ground at this moment.
What American people can learn from Discovery Middle School Shooting is that school safety is a very important matter. At the end o the day, it is the children who are most vulnerable. It is time to shift the debate from gun control to school shooting and safety. It is really tragic that we hear campus shooting on a regular basis and some innocent lives are lost. At the end of the day, no matter which side you are, you never want your children to get shot at school. 

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  1. I was literally two feet away from todd getting shot by ahhmed.