Sunday, February 28, 2010

mayanti langer: The hot anchor of Zee sports

On February 28, 2010, when people all over in India and Pakistan remained glued to their television to watch the hockey match between Pakistan and India, two of the major sports rivals of South Asia, a beautiful lady caught everyone’s attention. She is none other than Mayanti Langer, an Indian TV sports journalist who works at Zee Sports and Ten Sports. Her beauty and intelligent analysis took every one by surprise. Even after the game ended, people kept on searching about this beautiful sport journalist.

Mayanti Langer is the daughter of Major General Sanjiv Langer who worked in the U.N. Her mother, Preminda Langer, is an award winning teacher. She is the granddaughter of Lt. General Rajinder Nath Batra and Mrs. Priyo Batra. Mayanti did her graduation from Hindu College under Delhi University. During her college years, she became interested in football. At that time, she was staying in the U.S. while his father worked in the U.N. Mayanti also played in college football team in the beginning. Her journalism career started when she became a guest anchor for FIFA beach football. The broadcast became very successful and she was offered a spot as a host and associate producer for Football Cafe on Zee Sports. Langer then worked on various football shows on the Zee Network. She provided commentary and interviews in beginning of the match, during half time and post-match.

Well, I did not watch the hockey match entirely but during the half time, I watched Mayanti Langer and she looked very gorgeous. However, I do not see any reason, to present her this way. She is an intelligent woman and knows very well about games and definitely she is far better than Mandira Bedi, who only knew how to show skins. Good looking women attract lots of people and that is why the sports channel are using beautiful woman like Mayanti Langer. This is not a good practice.

Here is a link where you can find some great pictures of Mayanti Langer:


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