Friday, February 26, 2010

Tourism Sector in Nepal gets a Boost from no Strike Pledge

Tourism is perhaps the most important sector for Nepalese economy when it comes to earning foreign exchange. It is a beautiful country full of natural beauty and rich history. Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha and for this matter alone, it has the potential to attract thousands of visitors from around the world. There are several major obstacles and political instability is perhaps the worst thing for the growth of tourism in any country. Now, the political parties have pledged ‘no strike’ for the welfare of this sector.

Sify Wrote:
Sixteen major parties of Nepal, including the opposition Maoists who are seeking a change in the government, pledged not to enforce any general strikes or violent protests as Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Friday kicked off a campaign that seeks to bring at least 1 million tourists in 2011.
A 'peace lamp' that was lit Sunday in Lumbini town in southern Nepal, the birthplace of the Buddha, the apostle of peace, was brought to Kathmandu by five marathon runners who have represented Nepal in the Olympic Games in the past, to kick off the campaign for Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

I am not very hopeful about this ‘no strike pledge’ because there is deep division among political leaders in the country. This pledge looks like a political stunt to me. Still, I am very happy with it simply because the political parties have started to realize that people are not very fond of strikes and political instability. They want development of economy in the country. 

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