Friday, February 26, 2010

YouTube Gets HSBC as Sponsor for IPL 2010 Live Broadcast

One of the major attractions of IPL 2010 is that all the matches will be broadcast live in YouTube owned by Google. So, live video streaming of IPL matches is going to ensure that more people will be able to watch the matches live. Internet is growing everywhere and many people now-a-days do not have access to television but they have access to computer and internet. Thus, it is a new innovation and it will also help YouTube to become more popular in India.
YouTube is now taking some sponsors for this event. It has already got HSBC bank and we are also hearing the names of companies like HP and Samsung. It is not clear how much money Google has paid BCCI for online live casting but the deal is for two years.
The participation of HSBC as sponsor will surely help Google to earn more money. When Google acquired YouTube few years ago for $1.65 billion then many people did not understand how Google is going to earn money through it. Now, it seems that broadcasting matches can be a good source of income. 

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