Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All about Yuvarani: A tragic hot actress

Yuvarani has become an overnight sensation in the Indian media at present. The former Tamil actress’s name came up with Swami Nithyananda Paramahamsa. On March 22, 2010, news came out that a video clip Swami Nithyananda and Yuvarani had been uploaded to various porn sites. This was followed by another claim that police found a second video clip of Swamy Nithyananda where the godman was having sex with actress Yuvarani. Many news reports further said that Yuvarani was seen naked in the video.

Interestingly, no news reports could confirm that such a video exists. Immediately after the news came out, people in India started to look for Nithyananda Yuvarani video. I wrote a post about this news and in the comment section, many people asked about the video clip. Well, I did not find any.

Meanwhile, Yuvarani herself was very much upset with the news reports. On March 23, 2010, the Tamil actress met Chennai police commissioner, T Rajendran, and lodged a complaint against those who spread such rumors. In the complaint, Yuvarani said that she is not involved in a sexual relationship with Swami Nithyananda and she had been hurt by the ongoing propaganda. Mr. Rajendran did not divulge any details. Yuvarani requested the commissioner to restrain the people who spread the rumors. She also said that she would soon sit with the media and explain her position regarding this matter.

In an interview, the Tamil actress expressed her dismay over her being targeted by the media. Yuvarani is not in acting anymore. She has been leading a happily married life for forteen years. The actress is now mother of two children. Yuvarani admitted that she met Nithyananda but as a regular devotee. At the time of the meeting, her children were also with her. She said:

"Thank God my husband and family members are fully supporting me. They do not give credence to these canards.

But for their support, I would have been on the roads,"

Yuvarani appeared in a small role in Rajinikanth starrer super hit movie, Baasha. She also acted in TV serials and became popular for her negative role in TV series, “Sithi.” Popular Indian web-portal, Daijiworld, reported that the other woman with whom Swami Nithyananda was caught frolicking, escaped from his ashram after the news broke out. Actress Ranjitha, whose name came up with Nithyananda in the first place, was a good friend of Yuvarani. They even did some Tamil movies together. According to sources, Nityananda has an ashram in Los Angeles where he regularly visited with Ranjitha and Yuvarani. While staying in Los Angeles, Nityananda used to visit striptease parties in the U.S. wearing denim jeans and T-shirts and the two actresses accompanied him.

Many people are now searching for the video of Yuvarani and Nithyananda video and many websites are saying that they have the videotape of Swami Nithyananda but it would be better if you do not click on the links because they would redirect you to another site or attempt to install adware or malware on your PC.

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