Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amy Beck Pictures: What you can learn from it

Amy Beck pictures is now a hot search topic all over the Internet. Amy Beck is a 33 year old teacher at the David Starr Jordan Middle School, in Los Angeles. She was arrested on the ground of having sexual relationship with a fifteen year old student. The teacher surrendered to the local authority on March 8, 2010. Amy is now in jail and she will be arraigned on March 25, 2010. Upon proven guilty, she would be serving a seven-year prison term. A homemade video of the teacher and students is now moving around. Burbank Police Sgt. Robert Quesada said:

"They recovered some computers, and they're going to be going through that computer there to see what type of communication was going on between our victim and our suspect,"

Police also said that the act took place sometime between March and September last year at that time, the student was fourteen years old.

David Starr Jordan Middle School is located in Burbank California. Amy Beck quit from the school last week. She said that she was moving out of the country.

I have been reading these types of news for the last few months and this is a very serious problem. I believe that American media has a big role to play in this matter. Teenage pregnancy has become the trend these days and sexual abstinence is considered old fashioned. All the time, the news and movies are focusing on sex. An “Alpha male” is the one who can have sex with lots of women. Many people even make their own sex tape and release over the Internet to become famous. In schools, it is more important that you have to have a girlfriend. If you are serious about studies, then you are either a “Geek” or “Nerd.” Media should not promote sexual matters and parents should make sure that their kids focus on studies.

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