Monday, March 1, 2010

BIG Mobile Radio brings radio programs in seventeen languages

Now, you can enjoy radio in your own language anywhere in India. Reliance Media World Ltd.’s radio division, 92.7 BIG FM, entered into a partnership deal with OnMobile Global Ltd, the largest telecom VAS provider in India, to create a new service called BIG Mobile Radio. Under this service, for the first time, Indian mobile users would be able to listen to radio programs in seventeen languages anywhere in India. The service would become also available in other countries including Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Indonesia where there are large Indian communities. Telecom Talk reports:

This service will enable the BIG Mobile Radio experience to go from 45 cites to over 4500 cities and towns including rural areas in an ad-free format.

Apart from reaching a new audience, this service will allow users to listen to their favourite programmed channels regardless of their location. For example, even a Tamil listener in Mumbai will be able to listen to native-language programming on Big Mobile Radio.

BIG Mobile Radio will create special feed for its listeners including songs, Bollywood entertainment, jock talk, humor, health tips etc. Talking about the service, Mr. Rabe. T. Iyer. Business Head, Allied Businesses, Reliance Media World Ltd. said that through this partnership, 92.7 BIG FM intends to reach all over India and abroad and give people a test of home. The operators who would offer BIG Mobile Radio will be announced pretty soon.

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