Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Corporation Bank Recruitment 2010 Information

Corporation Bank is a bank with over 1 century of history. It is an important bank in South India region. This bank has many branches in different parts of India and more than half of its shares are owned by the government. Now, Corporation Bank is planning to open some more branches and it is seeking to take some more employees. According to figures of 2004, the bank had some more than 12,000 workers. Now, it seems that another 1000+ employees will be taken. One good thing is that if you are looking to apply for the job then you can do it online.
For detailed information, visit the official website:

In the above url, you will find all the information you need and even the information on applying online. Online application is becoming common in India these days. It is a good process. It saves money to both the parties. Just remember that Corporation Bank Recruitment will be highly competitive and you should take it seriously. 

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