Friday, March 19, 2010

Dearness allowance 2010 is 8% for Employees in India

If you live outside of India then you may wonder what dearness allowance is. It is a kind of allowance that is given to the employees who work under the Indian government. Dearness allowance 2010 has been approved by Indian cabinet and it is 8%. The current employees and pensioners would get this facility. Dearness allowance 2010 of 8% seems to be appropriate because the rate of inflation was high in India in the last few months. This allowance is counted on the basic pay of the workers.
Dearness allowance 2010 will be applicable from January 2010. I think that many workers will be happy with this announcement. Nearly 5 million current workers and 3.8 million pensioners would get this facility as a result of the decision of the cabinet.
In India, the first dearness allowance was announced on 1972. This kind of allowance is given so that government workers do not suffer from inflation. 

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