Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How ASOCIO Can Help IT Sector of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has strong ties with Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) for quite some time. Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) arranged 1st Multilateral Trade Visit of ASOCIO on December 2001. Also, On July 2004, BCS hosted the Officers' Meeting, Strategic Planning Session, Executive Meeting and the 20th Anniversary Committtee Meeting. It is expected that sooner rather than later Bangladesh will host General Assembly meeting of the organization. With Abdullah H Kafi, Bangladesh has a very active representative in ASOCIO board. Bangladeshi IT companies can get benefited with ASOCIO.
The best thing that ASOCIO can do is to help to create a better image of Bangladesh add to the brand value of the country. Many people outside of the country have the image that Bangladesh is a country of natural disaster and political conflicts. ASOCIO can at least inform its member organizations about the positive aspects of the country. For example, Bangladesh is a country with continuous 5-6% economic growth. Here, mobile phone penetration is nearly 50%. In this country, the PC market is growing very rapidly. Bangladesh Computer Samity can boast of having 700+ members.
ASOCIO has already done something positive in this regard. In the Fifth edition of ASOCIO Connect, IT sector of Bangladesh has been highlighted. ASOCIO can create a place in its website in which there will be a lot of information about IT sector of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Computer Samity can surely provide the information. Thus, ASOCIO can provide more coverage to this country.
There are numerous events (IT Expo, Conference, Seminars etc) taking place in some of the richer ASOCIO member economies like Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. ASOCIO always encourages its members to visit and actively take part in any event taking place in any member country. It can try to arrange some discounts for Bangladeshi participants.
Inside the country, the IT sector of Bangladesh enjoys a lot of media coverage. However, outside of the country, the media coverage is negligible. ASOCIO can perhaps give some guidelines to Bangladesh Computer Samity about getting more media coverage outside of the country. 
Research is one area, ASOCIO can help Bangladeshi IT sector. Still, no significant survey has been carried out about the IT sector here. ASOCIO officials can request some other member countries to share their experience and skill about carrying out a large scale market survey in Bangladesh

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