Thursday, March 4, 2010

India vs England Hockey Time, Preview and Live Score: World Cup 2010

India vs England World Cup has really become a do or die match for Indian team as if they fail to win it then they will be out the event. In other words, they will have no hope of advancing to semifinals. First thing is the time of the match and I am giving it below:
Match India vs England Pool B match
Date: 6 March 2010
Day: Saturday
Start or Kick-off time: 20:35 (Indian Time)
Venue: Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi

Right now, both the teams have played 3 matches and England has got full 9 points by winning all the 3 matches. In the first match, England defeated mighty Australia. Then, England defeated South Africa by 6-4 and earlier today, they defeated Pakistan by 5-2. If they can just win one of the two remaining matches then they will surely play in semifinals. However, they will not want to wait for the last match because the last match will be against Spain and Spain is also hoping to go to the semifinals. In fact, from Pool B, I think that the main fight will take place among Australia, England Spain to go to semifinals. South Africa is already out of contention and India and Pakistan are not in good position in the point table.
On the other hand, only a miracle can perhaps save India. Not only they have to win the remaining two matches but also they have to be lucky that other teams don’t win 4 matches. Mathematically, India has every hope of going in the semifinals but I am not hopeful of their chance. From 3 matches, India just scored 8 goals while England players could manage 14. This shows the difference between these two teams. Earlier today, India lost to Spain.
It is a big pity that the host team is going to be out of the competition in an early stage.
The match will be live in Doordarshan and Ten Sports for Indian viewers. 

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