Friday, March 26, 2010

Is Bhanu Kaur the real heroine of Varudu?

Another rumor surfaced about the heroine of Varudu. This time, it is not Bhanu Mehra but Bhanu Kaur, a beautiful Punjabi model. Popular Telugu movie star, Allu Arjun’s next movie, Varudu, will hit the theatres on March 31, 2010. Directed by Gunasekhar, the name of the movie’s heroine had been kept a secret. According to Gunasekhar, the name of the heroine had been kept secret for the script demanded it. Since then, the media went on a buzz about the heroine of Varudu. Numerous news reports were published speculating the heroine of Varudu. Earlier, Gunasekhar confirmed that Bhanu Mehra is not Varudu’s heroine.

Bhanu Kaur hails from Amritsar Punjab. This time, the news reports could not say it for sure whether Bhanu Kaur is the heroine of Varudu. To know about the heroine, you would have to be patient for another five days.

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