Monday, March 22, 2010

Katrina Hodge does the Impossible in Miss England Competition

Katrina Hodge did not win the trophy of Miss England 2009 but luck was with her. Rachel Christie was the winner and Hodge was runner up but because Rachel Christie did something that put herself into trouble, she had to resign. Thus, Katrina Hodge was very lucky to take part in Miss World 2009. She could not do anything outstanding in Miss World 2009 either but now, she has done something outstanding and perhaps impossible too. She has convinced the organizers of Miss England to leave the swimsuit competition and instead put some kind of a sporting challenge. Katrina Hodge is working in the army.
Katrina Hodge said, “I think it's nerve-racking enough for girls to get up on a stage and speak, let alone appear in a swimsuit.
It's good the girls are being given a sports challenge in this year's competition.”
Anyway, this is perhaps a welcome change for Miss England competition as there has been a lot of criticism against girls wearing bikini or swimsuit. I wonder if Katrina Hodge would continue her struggle and try to convince the organizers of Miss World to leave the bikini part totally from beauty pageants. 

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