Friday, March 5, 2010

Kerala budget 2010: Some Important Aspects

Kerala budget 2010 has been presented earlier today  Finance Minister Thomas Isaac. You know that the left parties have a lot of influence traditionally in the state and that is why I am not shocked to see the plan to provide rice at Rs. 2 a kg to poor workers. Well, I like this plan but just I just hope that the real poor people get the benefit. Often this kind of scheme, because of corruption, poor people do not get the benefit.
Another praise worthy plan is to try for a greener and more environment friendly Kerala budget. The use of CFL lamps will be increased and Municipalities would receive government support for recycling plastics.
One good thing of Kerala Budget 2010 is that two good initiatives for women have been taken. SC and ST women will get more help in marriage affairs. They really need it because often they suffer in their marriage. Also, an attempt will be made so that women can get more support from police.
When there is a budget that aims to make people happy, it needs a lot of expense. Kerala Budget 2010 is very good but I just hope that it does not make the budget deficit in the state worse. 

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