Monday, March 15, 2010

Lumberton Trading Company: Some interesting facts

Lumberton Trading Company is the hot search topic on the Internet today but no body knows much about the company. The company had been founded by Hassni Malik and Richard Johnson. The company started out in 2004 as an idea, statement or intent. Since then it went on its own path. In the autumn of 2006, Hassni left the label but he is involved with company.

Name: Lumberton Trading Company

City: Brighton

Country: England

Business: Lumberton Trading Company specializes in producing new and exclusive records by popular contemporary left-field artists, writers and thinkers.

Music genres: Acoustic, downbeat, downtempo, electroacoustic, electronic, electronica, experimental, female vocal, gay/lesbian, instrumental, keyboard, male vocal, minimalist, multicultural

Artists whose records have been released: Experimental Audio Research; Michael Gira, Thighpaulsandra; Current 93; Volga James Sallis; Gerard Malanga; Szabo

Sion Orgon.

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