Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pakistan vs South Africa Hockey Time and Live Score

Pakistan vs South Africa match is going to take place later today. Right now, Australia and Spain are playing and after this match then Pakistan’s match will take place.
I am first giving time of the match:
Match: Pakistan vs South Africa
Date: 6 March 2010
Day: Saturday
Kick off time: 18:35 Indian Time and 18.05 Pakistan Time
This is a must win for Pakistan. Not only they have to win the match but also they have to win by a huge margin. South Africa is already out of the competition and they are most probably guaranteed to have the last place in Pool B.
In this tournament so far, defense of Pakistan looks some weak. Their offense is not bad but some of their players are a bit selfish and want to show individual glory instead of passing the ball well.
South African fans are very unhappy because in the last match, South Africa suffered a 12-0 defeat against Australia. It is the most humiliating defeat for any country in any world cup event.
Times of India wrote about the match:
Like their sub-continental cousins India, Pakistan first have to win both their remaining games to keep alive their chances, which would also depend on the results of other games in the pool.
Having conceded 22 goals without earning a single point in their three games, South Africa have turned out to be the favourite whipping boys in the tournament and provide a good opportunity to Pakistan to find their bearings after the 2-5 defeat against England in an exciting but ill-tempered game Thursday.

So, now, if you are a Pakistani fan then the best thing you can do it to pray for your team. If Pakistan loses or even draws the match then they are out. Well, because South Africa is a weak team, most probably Pakistan will win the match easily. 

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