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Press Conference of BCS Digital Expo and ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit 2010

Dear journalist friends,
At the press conference of “BCS Digital Expo 2010” and “ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit 2010,” on behalf of the Executive committee members of BCS and BCS fair organizers, I welcome you all. We are very happy to inform you that within few days, we are going to organize a digital Lifestyle Exhibition where we would showcase various digital technologies, latest IT machineries, products, and services.
The four-day exhibition, titled “BCS Digital Expo 2010,” will start from March 31, 2010 to April 1, 2010. Simultaneously, at the same venue, from March 31, 2010, the ASOCIO Multi-Lateral Trade Visit 2010 will be held. You are well aware about the “Digital Bangladesh” initiative undertaken by our current government has been widely acclaimed both nationally and internationally. By organizing this exhibition and international trade visit, we, the members of BCS, show our support to the “Digital Bangladesh” initiative of the government. 
Today, we have gathered here to discuss about various aspects of the “BCS Digital Expo 2010” and “ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit” and collect your valuable feedbacks to make our endeavor more successful.
Dear journalist friends,
We are very happy to inform you that the hon'ble Prime Minister of Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, gave her consent to inaugurate “Digital Expo 2010” and “ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit 2010” on March 31, 2010, as the chief guest. Among others, Finance Minister, Abul Maal Abdul Muhith, Commerce Minister Lieutenant Col.(Rtd) Faruk Khan and Yafes Osman, Science and ICT Minister, will be the special guest of the show. As special guests, Looi Kien Leong, President, ASOCIO, will be present at the show. Abdullah H. Kafi, Deputy President, ASOCIO, will be the honorable guest of the show. In addition, Michael Kuehner, Managing Director and CEO, AXIATA Ltd. and chairman of Southeast Bank Limited, Mr. Alamgir Kabir (FCA) will attend the show.
Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS), in collaboration with ICT Business Promotion Council, an organization created under Ministry of Commerce, will organize “BCS Digital Expo 2010” for the second time. Simultaneously, another international show, “ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit 2010” will be held at the same venue where representatives from ten countries of the Asian-Oceanian region will attend and discuss on different matters over promoting bi-lateral trade.
The Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) was established in 1984 with an aim to promote trade between various ICT organizations of different countries in the region. Since its inception, ASOCIO has been rigorously working towards encouraging and fostering trade relationships between its member organizations. In 1996, BCS became the member of ASOCIO and five years later, BCS organized the first Multilateral Trade Visit in Dhaka. It is a matter of great pride for BCS for it organized the first Multilateral Trade Visit of ASOCIO. Over the years, other member economies hosted the Multilateral Trade Visit of ASOCIO and after ten years, BCS is going to organize ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit for the second time.
One noticeable feature of “BCS Digital Expo 2010” and “ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit 2010” is that for her valuable contribution in creating and implementing the “Digital Bangladesh” project, honorable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina will be given the prestigious ASOCIO Award. It is also a matter of great pride that for the first time, any head of the government in South Asia is receiving this award. Among the countries of Asia Oceania, previously, Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad of Malaysia (1998), Thaksin Shinawatra former Prime Minister of Thailand (2002) and Phan Văn Khải, former Prime Minister of Vietnam were the proud recipients of the ASOCIO Award.
My dear friends, a revolutionary change is taking place all over the world and at the helm of this change, is the new digital technology. From individual to society, luxury to necessity, work to leisure, everywhere, the digital technology is causing a silent revolution. If we cannot keep up with this new technology then we would not be able to reap its diversified benefits and we would not be able to attain our expected goal of improvement. Though a poor country, digital technology established itself in Bangladesh. For the overall improvement of the socio-economic condition of our country, we need to further ensure the prosperity of digital technology in this region through the promotion of digital technology in every sphere of our lives.
Judging the immense potential of the ICT sector in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, the current Prime Minister of the of Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, announced her “Vision 2021” under which, she introduced a project titled, “Digital Bangladesh.” On the other hand, Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) has been playing a major role in promoting computer and ICT technology in Bangladesh. In 1993, BCS first organized its first IT-based exhibition and since then the organization has been successfully organizing various fairs and exhibitions either by itself or in collaboration under various titles all over Bangladesh.
In collaboration with the ICT Business Promotion Council, an organization under the Commerce Ministry of Bangladesh BCS will organize BCS Digital Expo 2010 at Sheraton Hotel. The show will start from March 31, 2010 and continue till April 3, 2010. Below are given the names of various products that would be exhibited by various organizations in the fair and other important facts about the BCS Digital Expo 2010:
At the BCS Digital Expo various technologies related to IT, computers and accessories, laptop, notebook, palmtop, iPod, mobile PDA and smart phone, multimedia projector, digital still and video camera, LCD monitor and television, digital photo frame, photo-printer, portable audio devices, wireless keyboard, mouse, USB mobile device, etc will be presented at the show. Visitors would be shown live demonstration of these products at the exhibition.
Various Internet networks including Wi-Max connectivity, Wi-Fi and other Internet technologies will be showcased at the exhibition.
The exhibition will also showcase various domestic and international software and multimedia products including audio-visual tutorials, digital education software, office and library management softwares. Along with softwares, various books and journals written by famous writers, digital edition of books and articles would be available at the show.
The BCS Digital Expo 2010 will also organize various seminars, roundtable discussions, technology presentation session.
Exchange of knowledge and views between ICT industry experts of the Asian Oceanian region over improvement and expansion of ICT and discussion about the past, present and future of the ICT sector in this region will also take place.
We hope and believe that this exhibition would bring together consumers, vendors and ICT industry experts.
The exhibition will have a Wi-Fi zone where users would be able to access the Internet for free. In addition, they would be given live demonstration of various new products and technologies.
The exhibition will organize quiz show, product ramping, cultural function and various other interesting and exciting events.
To promote various technological inventions by different institutions, BCS Digital Expo 2010 would also provide complementary stalls.

Dear journalist friends,
It is very important that we, at present, should determine our future goals and activities based on the current economic and political situation and education system of our country.
BCS Digital Expo 2010 is not just any traditional exhibition but an exhibition that would create new opportunities regarding new technologies and products in Bangladesh. It would simultaneously present new inventions and present digital lifestyle which never happened before in Bangladesh. Hence, in the face of building a digital Bangladesh, this exhibition is different from other ICT exhibitions of our country. We made sure that visitors get a taste of something new in this exhibition.
In this expo, several seminars have been arranged by BCS and sponsor companies. Along with it, the participating companies will arrange different kinds of competitions in order to promote their brands and products. On the third day of BCS Digital Expo 2010, the organizing committee will arrange children’s painting competition and it will take place on April 2, 2010, from 10.30 a.m.- 12.30 p.m. The competition will take place in three topics and age categories. In BCS Digital Expo 2010 venue, there will be a controlling center from BCS and all the activities will be managed from here. There will be a supporting team to help the visitors and participating companies to provide all out support. The security team will work to ensure safety. Apart from it, there will be a team consisting of reporters and photographers who will provide all the supports to the journalists. There will be a food court in the expo venue where people will be able to enjoy different kinds of food items and drinks.
The ticket price is taka 20. However, school students will be able to enter at free of charge by showing their identity cards. One of the new attractions of this fair is that the visitors would be able to buy tickets from their mobile phones.
I would like to inform you that to ensure the smooth functioning of the ICT Expo, an organizing committee and several sub-committees have been formed.
At the same time, in order to promote the ICT sector of Asia Oceania region, BCS and ASOCIO are going to jointly host ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit 2010 from March 31, 2010 to April 1, 2010. In this event, ASOCIO President Looi Kien Leong will head the ASOCIO delegates and participants from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc. The ASOCIO representatives would meet the government and high officials of some organizations. Here it should be mentioned that ASOCIO is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. According to the decision of Executive Body of ASOCIO, honorable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, will be awarded 'ASOCIO ICT Special Recognition Award' for her special contribution to the development of the ICT sector of Bangladesh and planning and implementing the vision of “Digital Bangladesh.” In order to ensure the smooth operation of the ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit 2010, a high-level organizing committee has been created and it will be headed by Abdully H. Kafi, the current Deputy President of ASOCIO and the former president of Bangladesh Computer Samity.
Dear Journalist friends,
Now, I like to remember with gratitude the enormous contribution of ICT journalist in the development of ICT sector of Bangladesh. I would particularly like to remember your contribution and thank you for helping Bangladesh Computer Samity and supporting all our activities by giving us due media coverage. I have no hesitation to say that the media has a lot of contribution in making Bangladesh Computer Samity popular and making our programs and activities acceptable to the ordinary people. Like the past, this time too, we expect all the support from the media and I like to remind you that we from BCS are ready to give you any kind of information and support you in every way. During the time of BCS Digital Expo 2010 and ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit 2010, the journalist can contact with the members of media committee and if they wish they even can directly contract with me. Also, BCS will provide updates of the events through two websites:  and .
In the end, I like to thank all of you for your presence today and making this press conference a success.

Md. Shahid-Ul-Munir
Convener, BCS Digital Expo 2010

BCS Digital Expo 2010 at a glance
Theme: Towards digital Bangladesh.
Venue: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel, 1, Minto Road, Dhaka.
Date: March 31, 2010- April 3, 2010 everyday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Platinum sponsor: Axiata Bangladesh, Limited
Gold sponsor: Samsung, Microsoft
Official WiMAX partner: Banglalion Communications Ltd.
Official Bank: Southeast Bank Limited
Ticket counter sponsor: Caspersky.
Volunteer dress sponsor: United Computer Center.
Media partner: Desh TV, The Daily Samakal, Radio Today.
Internet connection: Fibre optic broadband connection, Wi-Fi, free Internet browsing zone.
Ticket price: Regular cost of ticket is taka 20. Upon showing leaflet visitors will get 50% discount. Students upon showing their ID will have freen entrance.
Number of exhibitors: 45
Number of pavilions and stalls: 20 and 42

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