Sunday, March 7, 2010

Varudu heroine: Parvathi Melton or Anushka?

Varudu is an upcoming Telegu movie that has caused a lot of sensation among movie fans today. One of things that they are eager to know is that who is the actress as Varudu heroine? I don’t know if it is a well guarded secret or not. What is confusing to me is that normally, people know in advance who are going to be the leading actor and actress. This is common. Thus, we know that the hero of the movie is Allu Arjun but we still have no clue about the heroine.
I checked a lot in Internet and found two names Parvathi Melton or Anushka. Parvati Melton is quite tall for an Indian actress with her height of 5 feet and 9 inches. She is a well known actress in South India. Her father is German and her mother is Indian. Thus, Parvati Melton has got European height and Indian beauty. In the entry on her in Wikipedia, I did not find any information that she is acting in the movie Varudu.
I searched about Anushka and it seemed to me that most probably, she is the Varudu heroine but I am not 100% sure either. There is a Youtube Video called Anushka's varudu updates and here it is:

Well, I do not know the language of the video. If you know the language of this video then you will perhaps get better information.


  1. this is not allu arjun movie but they are saying that its varudu shooting and mahesh babu is the hero in it . i coudnt understand

  2. cant understand is mahesh hero or allu arjun and heroine too

  3. Actually,they thought the title varudu for mahesh babu next coming film where anushka is the heroine.later they changed movie name to khaleja and varudu title was given to allu arjun anushka is in mahesh next,not in the varudu movie.