Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3rd ph test will be held on June 17th

The schedule of 3rd PH Test is now available on online from eLitmus. Within June, three will be 3 PH Tests. The 3rd PH test will be on June 17, 2010. You can find schedule of PH Test on the official website of eLitmus. pH test is a common aptitude test which is conducted all over India every month. Through this test entry level graduates are tested against a standard benchmark. This score is then use by all the clients of eLitmus to shortlist candidates. To know schedule of the pH test visit:

eLitmus is a unique service launched in 2005. It changed the way entry-level recruitment is done in India. The pH test, created by eLitmus, tests job seekers on a variety of parameters. Every year, more than 40,000 engineers graduate from various colleges in India and there are 4000 companies who hire engineers. Taking entry-level engineers is a very difficult job because there is a large pool of graduates. eLitmus charges certain amount of fee to interested candidates who apply for pH test. A candidate can sit pH test many times but he/she would have to pay every time.

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